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News & Ideas for the Data-Driven Data Center

Join Our Webinar With 451 Research on Why Data Centers Need Real-Time Management Systems

on Tue, Oct 31, 2017 By | RF Code | 1 Comment | asset management real-time monitoring
The data center of today and tomorrow is required to support all kinds of workloads, spanning mission critical services, hybrid cloud, big data and analytics and IoT.
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Don’t Lose Time Deploying Assets – Automate Asset Management

on Tue, Feb 21, 2017 By | RF Code | 0 Comments | asset management asset tracking
This series of blogs explores how to ensure the efficient, accurate deployment of new assets in the data center.
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Telecom Data Center Downtime: An Expensive Busy Signal

on Tue, Nov 8, 2016 By | RF Code | 0 Comments | environmental monitoring asset management downtime RTOI
:What use is a 99.9999 per cent uptime promise when the data center goes down? As we discussed previously, banks depend on data centers; so do Telecoms carriers. It takes only a few seconds of downtime for the ripples to be felt far and wide.
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Resilient Data Center Equals Resilient Bank

on Wed, Nov 2, 2016 By | RF Code | 0 Comments | environmental monitoring uptime asset management downtime
The moment that bank customers are denied access to their money - whether at an ATM, through telephone banking or online - alarm bells ring. All too often the issue can be attributed to a software problem or faulty servers in the data center.
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SE Marty Johnstone: From Customer to Colleague

on Fri, Oct 28, 2016 By | RF Code | 0 Comments | environmental monitoring asset management RTOI
In the second part of our Q&A with Marty Johnstone, Sales Engineer at RF Code, we discussed his move to RF Code and his opinion on the industry.
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SE Marty Johnstone: The RF Code Customer Perspective

on Thu, Oct 20, 2016 By | RF Code | 0 Comments | environmental monitoring asset management RTOI
In the next installment of our Q&A series with members of the RF Code team, we spoke to Marty Johnstone, our newest sales engineer. Marty was previously a customer of RF Code at CME Group, and as such he brings a unique perspective on how RF Code's real-time operational intelligence brings value in the marketplace. In this first portion of a two-part interview we asked him to tell us of his experience.
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Infographic: The Journey of an Asset

Many people think of data centers -- and the enterprise assets they contain -- as being static, orderly environments. But in fact the opposite is almost always the truth.  As demands for services and compute power grow and change servers, switches, and other valuable data center assets are continually flowing into, out of, and around the data center ... and they are depreciating in value the entire time. To ensure maximum ROI on your data center investments you need continuous visibility throughout the asset life cycle, regardless of whether an asset is on the loading dock, in storage, deployed and operational, or in transit. This infographic takes a lighthearted look at the many stages of an asset's life cycle -- and the impact these stages can have on the value that asset drives for your business.
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Where Passive RFID Asset Tracking Fails, Active RFID Succeeds

on Fri, May 13, 2016 By | Tom Larson | 1 Comment | technology active rfid asset management asset tracking
Passive RFID for asset tracking has been attempted by many, but with fairly poor results.  With the exception of tracking media, and possibly hard drives being stored for disposal or redeployment, passive usually fails to achieve the main objectives of automating your IT asset tracking process.  To be clear, passive RFID solutions can be better than manual or barcode solutions, but it tends to fall short in these four key areas: 
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Tech Trends: The Agile Data Center

At a recent 7X24 chapter event, Jennifer Cooke of IDC’s Data Center Trends & Strategies team presented on a topic that has been steadily gaining attention in the industry: agile data centers.
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Introducing CenterScape Cloud by RF Code

We are pleased to introduce CenterScape Cloud by RF Code. This is the next advancement in our leading asset management and environmental monitoring solution for the data center. With CenterScape Cloud, organizations now have complete flexibility in how they deploy, pay for, integrate with and scale our solution.
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