The quality of our technical support is critical to our success. To be successful, we need to earn repeat business and most repeat business is earned by having stellar customer-support. Over the past year or so, we have seen RF Code’s Asset Tracking and Environmental Monitoring solutions go from a “nice-to-have” to a critical enterprise application. We have multiple Fortune 100 customers with global, multi-site, multi-user, high-availability, 100,000+ (and growing!) asset/sensor deployments. In some of our deployments, we provide “tag-to-glass” management with our Asset Manager software. In others, we are feeding critical asset location or sensor data to 3rd-party DCIM or BMS applications.

Most people think of technical support as providing answers to technical questions on the phone or via email. But it’s really much more than that. Here’s what our team provides in addition to answering typical post-sales support questions:

  • Pre-sales technical support, which can include looking at site-plans for RFID reader and tag placement, responding to RFP’s, or participating in the sales process (either on-site or via WebEx).

  • End-user or partner technical training on all aspects of the RF Code solution, including assisting with 3rd-party integration via our open API’s (either at the Zone Manager or CenterScape level).

  • Assistance with pilot installation and configuration.

  • Enterprise deployment planning consulting (again, either on-site or remotely).

  • On-site deployment training to transfer deployment best-practices to your internal team.

  • Custom report building using our Advanced Reporting Module.

  • Assistance with advanced CenterScape configuration, including setting up alert policies, custom maps, calculated fields, and dashboards.

  • Assistance with setting up RCI (Rack Cooling Index) or RTI (Return Temperature Index) metrics within CenterScape, and with ROI calculations.

  • Providing maintenance releases or patches for CenterScape, or workarounds for critical customer issues until patches are available.

Is there anything missing? Is there something you would like to see us provide either as a service or support material to help you with your asset tracking or environmental monitoring deployment? If so, please send your suggestions directly to me: