Data Center Infrastructure Manager (DCIM) software solutions are powerful and flexible, but for a DCIM deployment to be successful it must receive data that is:

  • Accurate
  • Detailed
  • Automated

The need for accurate data is obvious: feeding inaccurate data into your DCIM application promises a classic "garbage in/garbage out” result. Likewise, the need for detailed data goes without saying: fine-grained, detailed data enables more intelligent decisions and actions.

But why is it important for the data provided to the DCIM to be automated?  If the majority of the information the DCIM applications uses is entered manually, the solution is at the mercy of people to enter reliable, accurate data on a timely basis.  Eliminating as much human entered data as possible – and thereby the potential for human error – ensures the accuracy and availability of the data.  Given that the capabilities of a DCIM application depend entirely on the information available to the application it's clear that if the DCIM's data is inadequate, it will provide little benefit to the organization.

RF Code’s wire-free environmental monitoring solutions and real-time asset tracking solutions add critical intelligence to DCIM applications, enhancing them to ensure that they provide the greatest possible business value.  For a closer look at how RF Code energizes DCIM solutions with real-time data take a look at this video.


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