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News & Ideas for the Data-Driven Data Center

Still Trudging Around Your Data Center with a Clipboard?

Despite plenty of evidence demonstrating the value of automated management processes, 43% of data centers still rely on manual capacity planning and forecasting methods. These are the findings from a recent Intel survey of 200 IT decision makers in the US and UK. What is interesting is that when asked why they employed manual approaches, 46% of respondents said it was because they felt alternatives would be too expensive. A further 35% feared they lacked the resources to implement a more automated management process.
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IT Asset Management: Mitigating Risks Throughout the IT Asset Lifecycle

on Mon, Mar 25, 2013 By | RF Code | 3 Comments | active rfid asset management corporate rtls
The Six Greatest Risks Facing IT Asset Inventory and Management — and the Single Automated Solution From procurement, to maintenance, to retirement, the lifecycle of a single piece of IT hardware introduces uncountable opportunities for asset-tracking vulnerability. Multiplied by the thousands of devices across a company’s network expands these risks exponentially.
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Agility is the Core of Efficient Data Centers

Agility is an overused term that has been applied as a solution to many problems.  As a result, there are many definitions of the word ‘agility.’  We prefer a fairly broad definition, which is:
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Active RFID Asset Tags, RTLS, and the "Internet of Things"

on Tue, Dec 11, 2012 By | RF Code | 1 Comment | IoT active rfid asset management internet of things News & Views rtls
Last week Wired magazine ran an opinion piece by Clive Thompson on the long-predicted but slow-to-arrive "Internet of Things" finally becoming a reality (No Longer Vaporware: The Internet of Things is Finally Talking). The gist of the piece was that after many years of predictions and prognostications, the ability to create and benefit from "stuff that talks" is finally within the grasp of the small business or the Average Joe, and that this has set the scene for explosive growth.
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