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News & Ideas for the Data-Driven Data Center

Data + Metrics + Training = Data Center Efficiency

This week RF Code is pleased to feature a guest blog by Dr. Magnus Herrlin, President of ANCIS Inc. Prior to establishing ANCIS, Dr. Herrlin was a Principal Scientist at Telcordia Technologies (Bellcore) where he optimized the network environment to minimize service downtime and operating costs. His expertise has generated numerous papers, reports, and standards, including thermal management, energy management, mechanical system design and operation, and network reliability.
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Disaster Avoidance: Hope is Not a Sustainable Co-location Strategy

This was a lesson Digital Fortress quickly learned when a $60,000 air conditioning unit was leaking silently, spilling over 25 pounds of refrigerant across the data center. Its own systems showed 100% efficiency, the reality was the opposite. Failure was imminent.  It is an all too common story for co-location companies. They default to ‘hope’ as a strategy, believing a facility will continue operating stably, rather than investing in solutions that prove it is to customers with cold-hard data.
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DCIM Solutions: It's 10:00PM - Do You Know Where Your Servers Are?

Guest Blog by William Bloomstein, Market Strategist for iTRACS
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Nate Silver, Rich Data, and DCIM

Last week I had the good fortune to attend a keynote presentation by Nate Silver. Silver’s presentation, entitled “The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail, and Some Don’t” (not coincidentally this is also the title of his new book), addressed the availability of big data and how it affects decision-making.  Being a big time data wonk myself, I was pretty excited.
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Efficient Data Center Power Monitoring Made Easy

This blog was originally posted by Julie Brown on Server Technology Inc's Data Center Power Blog.
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Data Center Efficiency: Flirting with Disaster

Some points to ponder:
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Data Center Uptime: Why 0.1% Makes a Difference

This blog entry was originally posted by Xiaotang Ma from our partner, Server Tech Inc. We've seen a lot of negative PR around downtime lately, affecting the likes of American Airlines, LinkedIn, and as of yesterday, the French government. Both the aforementioned disasters and the information contained in this blog highlight the importance of maintaining uptime. Even the slight increase from 99.9% to 100% availability could be the difference between a costly, publicized failure and assurance.  Here are some statistics we've come across recently which support this:
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ASHRAE Compliance: An RF Code Checklist

ASHRAE's latest thermal guidelines present data center operators with the opportunity to significantly reduce their power and cooling expenses.  By carefully monitoring the temperatures in and around your data center assets you can safely increase temperature set points without increasing the risk of equipment failure and downtime.
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The DCIM Necessity: When Big Data Becomes Massive Data

Data isn’t just big; it’s massive.  With each passing minute, a staggering 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.  Google receives over 2,000,000 search queries.  Email users send over 200,000,000 messages.  Apple receives 47,000 app downloads.  Get the picture?  Clearly the omnipresent “big data” is quickly manifesting itself into “massive data.” 
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14 Fresh DCIM Stats in 140 Characters or Less

 Uptimers! Twitterers! Jump on the #DCIM Bandwagon!
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