Uptimers! Twitterers! Jump on the #DCIM Bandwagon!

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We’re hanging out at Uptime Symposium in Santa Clara, CA, and enjoying our time chatting with attendees and checking out cool technologies.  We’re excited that 451 has gathered together its top analysts and big-name IT vendors, including our partners, IBM and CA Technologies.  Our own VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Richard Jenkins, will be speaking with IBM’s Brent Kiger on how IBM has seen ROI with the deployment of our asset management and environmental monitoring solutions this Wednesday at 12pm. 

The hot topic at Uptime 2013 that’s finding its way into seemingly every presentation and conversation is Data Center Infrastructure Management, or DCIM.  DCIM optimizes datacenters by implementing operational efficiency, ensuring compliant audits, and meeting immediate capacity needs. The demand for DCIM tools is growing rapidly as both the Big Data and Mobile markets expand.   Datacenters are producing more data and consuming more power than ever before, which is generating the latest buzz that DCIM is no longer “nice to have,” but now “essential for the control and automation of big data.”  As a top DCIM vendor, naturally we are thrilled to be the hot commodity at Uptime.

We’re also thrilled to see Uptime going mobile with their Smartphone App and social with their #Uptime13 hashtag.  We’ve really enjoyed reading tweets from vendors and attendees, particularly @CA_DCIM, @ioDatacenters, @rasciert, and @AndyLawrence451.  Since #Uptime13 and #DCIM are trending on Twitter, we’ve decided to share some of the DCIM stats we’ve learned from 451 and Uptime, along with a few RF Code stats from 2013.  They’re all 140 characters or less and ready for you to tweet to your followers with the #Uptime13 and #DCIM hashtag.  For more information on DCIM and RF Code, stop by booth #416 and chat with our team!  If you’re not at Uptime, contact us to learn more about DCIM!

1. The DCIM market generated about $429m in revenue in 2012. [TWEET THIS STAT] (451)

2. At the moment, no datacenter exists at a self-optimizing, autonomic level. [TWEET THIS STAT]  (451)

3. The first quarter of 2013 was a record period of customer orders for DCIM software. [TWEET THIS STAT]  (451)

4. For every 1 degree data center temperature is cooled, 2% of annual power costs are saved. [TWEET THIS STAT]  (RF Code)

5. For every outage, IT equipment failure costs on average $750,326. [TWEET THIS STAT]  (Emerson)

6. Asset management and environmental monitoring combined make up 80% of the DCIM market. [TWEET THIS STAT] (451)

7. DCIM revenue is projected to grow 69% this year alone. [TWEET THIS STAT] (451)

8. DCIM sales are expected to grow at 42% to reach $1.8bn in aggregate revenue by 2016. [TWEET THIS STAT] (451)

9. 86% of companies experienced one or more instances of system downtime last year. [TWEET THIS STAT] (Datacenter Knowledge)

10. 58% of DCIM revenue comes from the US, while 22% comes from Europe and 14% comes from Asia. [TWEET THIS STAT] (451)

11. Only 13 of DCIM vendors account for 75% of total DCIM revenue. [TWEET THIS STAT] (451)

12. Top DCIM drivers are total IT under management, Cloud Computing, Awareness, and Improved Products. [TWEET THIS STAT] (451)

13. DCIM pricing is generally regarded as flexible and not fixed. [TWEET THIS STAT] (451)

14. RF Code has shown between 99.7%-100% accuracy in asset tracking. [TWEET THIS STAT]  (RF Code)

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