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News & Ideas for the Data-Driven Data Center

Whether Merging or Acquiring, IT Assets are Critical to the Process

on Tue, May 26, 2015 By | RF Code | 0 Comments | dcim asset management corporate governance total cost of ownership
Today many companies rely on restructuring, mergers and acquisitions to maximize shareholder value. PwC’s 2015 CEO survey found that over half of the US executives expect to complete a domestic acquisition this year, and globally over half of the executives plan to enter a new strategic alliance or joint venture. Almost a quarter plan to sell a majority interest in a business.
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RF Code Sets the Data Center Agenda Across the World

RF Code’s executive team continued its long-standing legacy for industry leadership with packed conferences in North America, EMEA and Asia. 
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Data Centers: Economic Powerhouses with an Image Problem

on Tue, Oct 14, 2014 By | RF Code | 1 Comment | energy savings data center optimization News & Views governance
The infamous New York Times periodical The Cloud Factories was a tirade against the (supposed) modern equivalent of the coal power plant, the data center. The residing image was a hot, energy-waster, a vision that still remains today. This is a misplaced example of misrepresentation and inaccurate press sensationalism.
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Data Center Optimization: Invasion of the Data Snatchers

on Fri, Feb 21, 2014 By | RF Code | 0 Comments | data center optimization asset management News & Views governance
Do you think that the data center from which Target’s stolen consumer data was compromised has been a lot like a scene out of RF Code Theater Production’s “Supernatural Info-tivity” lately?  With 110 million victims in the November data breach (70M higher than the originally reported 40M), the Target data breach ushered in the age of the Big Data Theft to public consciousness and resulted in major losses for the company. Follow-up reports that Michaels and Neiman Marcus suffered similar attacks only further echoed that your data is everywhere and each time one of us swipes a payment card, we could potentially be sending our most vital details straight to a scary situation. 
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Data Center Uptime: Why 0.1% Makes a Difference

This blog entry was originally posted by Xiaotang Ma from our partner, Server Tech Inc. We've seen a lot of negative PR around downtime lately, affecting the likes of American Airlines, LinkedIn, and as of yesterday, the French government. Both the aforementioned disasters and the information contained in this blog highlight the importance of maintaining uptime. Even the slight increase from 99.9% to 100% availability could be the difference between a costly, publicized failure and assurance.  Here are some statistics we've come across recently which support this:
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