Reporting from Data Centre World at the Olympia Hall in London this week with my EMEA sales and technical directors. The first day of the event was well attended with various levels of enterprise customers present, including those from banking and finance sectors as well as others in retail and heavy industry. Additionally, most of the major players that provide hardware, software and services in the data center space have exhibit stands where there was a predominate focus on the power and cooling side of the equation.  This was highlighted by a couple of companies that brought in their containerized power solutions and placed them in the center of the event.

As mentioned the show was well attended by key customers and technology providers showcasing the standard data center "stuff." However, there was also a significant presence of Mechanical Engineering (M&E) firms as well as data center design and consulting organizations.  With RF Code's capability of providing inexpensive and a full scope and range of granular environmental monitoring these organizations were very impressed at our ability to feed data into building management systems (BMS) and other control and monitoring platforms. I think it is fair to say we had our unfair share of time and attention by these organizations yesterday.

Looking forward to day 2 of Data Centre World - London.