2016_CenterScape-Cloud-Logo-4We are pleased to introduce CenterScape Cloud by RF Code. This is the next advancement in our leading asset management and environmental monitoring solution for the data center. With CenterScape Cloud, organizations now have complete flexibility in how they deploy, pay for, integrate with and scale our solution.

In addition to improved deployment flexibility, what does this mean for customers?

Our new simplified subscription pricing model delivers a fixed price for the complete solution on an annual per-rack basis. This model significantly lowers the entry cost for the end-user – a key consideration for IT departments searching for greater scalability and rapid return on investment.

CEO Ed Healy summarized some of the advantages well, “An increasing number of organizations are consolidating on-premise data centers and migrating to cloud and colocation facilities. However, IT departments must have the same end-to-end visibility of their critical IT assets in these environments.”

Ed continued, “By providing CenterScape as a cloud-based service, businesses can ensure the same level of insight, regardless of whether assets are in their own facilities or located externally. And, while our solutions are already well known for rapid return on investment, our new subscription model makes the customer’s time-to-value even shorter.”

By tracking the precise location of physical assets throughout their complete lifecycle, measuring environmental conditions around these assets and providing analytics for improving capacity utilization and data center service levels, CenterScape decreases the risk of costly downtime, increases operational efficiency and reduces the total cost of ownership of data center and IT operations.

IT departments are increasingly searching for solutions that deliver these business outcomes.

What Does CenterScape Deliver?

  • The ability to track any asset to its precise physical location at any given time using CenterScape’s highly scalable network of internet-connected wire-free sensors
  • Advanced custom reporting to capture current and historical data around critical issues or SLA violations for compliance purposes
  • Change management within the data center across assets and supporting infrastructure, enabling operational staff to detect issues that require immediate attention, troubleshooting and remediation
  • The flexible open-architecture we are known for; powerful integration with native systems, IT service management solutions, DCIM platforms and other systems

CenterScape is continually evolving to provide organizations with real-time insight, control and predictability over operational risks, costs and compliance in the data center.

Discover more about CenterScape Cloud here.