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News & Ideas for the Data-Driven Data Center

RF Code Sets the Data Center Agenda Across the World

RF Code’s executive team continued its long-standing legacy for industry leadership with packed conferences in North America, EMEA and Asia. 
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Data Centers: Economic Powerhouses with an Image Problem

on Tue, Oct 14, 2014 By | RF Code | 1 Comment | energy savings data center optimization News & Views governance
The infamous New York Times periodical The Cloud Factories was a tirade against the (supposed) modern equivalent of the coal power plant, the data center. The residing image was a hot, energy-waster, a vision that still remains today. This is a misplaced example of misrepresentation and inaccurate press sensationalism.
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Data Center Optimization: Invasion of the Data Snatchers

on Fri, Feb 21, 2014 By | RF Code | 0 Comments | data center optimization asset management News & Views governance
Do you think that the data center from which Target’s stolen consumer data was compromised has been a lot like a scene out of RF Code Theater Production’s “Supernatural Info-tivity” lately?  With 110 million victims in the November data breach (70M higher than the originally reported 40M), the Target data breach ushered in the age of the Big Data Theft to public consciousness and resulted in major losses for the company. Follow-up reports that Michaels and Neiman Marcus suffered similar attacks only further echoed that your data is everywhere and each time one of us swipes a payment card, we could potentially be sending our most vital details straight to a scary situation. 
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RF Code Real-Time Data Powers GE's Brilliant Machines

RF Code technology, featured prominently in GE Healthcare's Brilliant Machines campaign, generates the real-time data that powers these innovative solutions. Our asset and patient tracking solutions are helping GE transform the patient experience. Take a closer look at how our real-time asset location and wire-free environmental monitoring data helps to reduce wait times and increase hospital staff efficiency.
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Big Data. Bigger Security Risks: How IT Asset Tracking Can Help

on Mon, Apr 1, 2013 By | RF Code | 0 Comments | asset management security News & Views
In April 2012, Canada’s Toronto-Dominion Bank, disclosed a security problem of its own making — the loss of 260,000 customers’ data on two server back-up tapes that went missing. In February 2012, Emory Healthcare lost ten computer disks containing encrypted personal information on over 300,000 patients. In 2011, back up tapes containing military and beneficiary medical data was stolen from the Department of Defense, resulting in a $4.9 billion class action lawsuit. In 2009, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee paid $1.5 million settlement and spent $17 in corrective action after losing 57 hard drives containing data on more than one million customers due to a burglary. Internal Security Threat on the Rise These are just a few of the hundreds, even thousands, of data security breaches caused, not by external forces, but by companies’ own internal negligence — including misplaced, lost, and stolen devices on which the data is stored. Companies are spending billions of dollars to fight the threat of cybercrime by deploying processes to keep hackers out of their systems and away from their data. Meanwhile, many of today’s most damaging security breaches occur from within. This internal security threat is every bit as serious, if not as sensational, as external threats — and comes with the same high cost regulatory penalties, lawsuits, and PR nightmares. Device Tracking Technology Boosts Security In today’s world of sophisticated technology, the public wonders: How can a company misplace a critical device containing customers’ private data? Worse, the explosion of big data in today’s corporations is only going to make the issue of securing data internally even more challenging — and critical. A new white paper from RF Code overviews the threats of internal data security and offers a solution that gives companies 100 percent tracking control over every device — dedicated asset tracking networks. Download Big Data. Bigger Security Risks. How Data Centers Can Track, Manage, and Secure Data With Dedicated Asset Tracking Networks today.
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Active RFID Asset Tags, RTLS, and the "Internet of Things"

on Tue, Dec 11, 2012 By | RF Code | 1 Comment | IoT active rfid asset management internet of things News & Views rtls
Last week Wired magazine ran an opinion piece by Clive Thompson on the long-predicted but slow-to-arrive "Internet of Things" finally becoming a reality (No Longer Vaporware: The Internet of Things is Finally Talking). The gist of the piece was that after many years of predictions and prognostications, the ability to create and benefit from "stuff that talks" is finally within the grasp of the small business or the Average Joe, and that this has set the scene for explosive growth.
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Nominations Needed for a Data Center Hall of Fame

on Tue, Nov 20, 2012 By | Kevin Heslin | 0 Comments | guest blogs News & Views
It’s a question of leadership   I’m just back from the 7x24Exchange Fall meeting in Arizona, and I’ll admit to being very impressed by the program the organization put together. I found almost all the sessions to be very strong and right on target for the assembled group. I hope the survey results confirm my finding. Attendance was also very good, even considering that a number of familiar faces stayed east to deal with the aftermath of the superstorm. Still I find myself more concerned over the people and companies not in attendance: the companies and people who never attend 7x24Exchange events—or the events put together by AFCOM, DatacenterDynamics, Gartner, 451Research, or anyone else.
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Changing of the Guard

on Fri, Oct 19, 2012 By | Kevin Heslin | 1 Comment | guest blogs News & Views
In a news article earlier this week, I alluded to my presence at the Uptime Institute’s Uptime Network event. I also reported that Uptime Institute Founder Ken Brill had undergone surgery to remove a Glioblastoma brain tumor. Ken’s prognosis is bleak, and he was forced to miss the Uptime Network, while promising to be back next year. It was just a few short months ago that I saw Ken wearing a giant orange foam hat as a way of celebrating Uptime’s Server Roundup.
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ASHRAE on Data Center Efficiency: It's Getting Warm in Here!

Earlier this week, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) released their latest data center cooling guidelines. As expected, ASHRAE's latest revision to their allowable and recommended cooling guidelines reflected the growing momentum in the industry for operating servers at higher levels of temperature and humidity, and of course also address the extensive money and energy savings that can be attained by raising the baseline temperature inside the data center. 
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Data Center Efficiency, Useful Work, and Personnel

Recently proposed metrics such as CADE and DC FVER offer an interesting opportunity to re-evaluate the ways in which businesses measure data center efficiency. Where PUE (and DCiE) approach data center efficiency strictly from a power availability and consumption perspective, and subsequent metrics like CUE, WUE, RCI and RTI attempt to address PUE’s shortcoming by narrowing the focus to specific measurable aspects of the data center environment, the new metrics focus on the business value or services it provides, and how efficiently it does so. This is defined as the “Useful Work” that a data center provides.
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