RF Code technology, featured prominently in GE Healthcare's Brilliant Machines campaign, generates the real-time data that powers these innovative solutions. Our asset and patient tracking solutions are helping GE transform the patient experience. Take a closer look at how our real-time asset location and wire-free environmental monitoring data helps to reduce wait times and increase hospital staff efficiency.

Agent of Good

The Matrix's Agent Smith takes a look at how GE Healthcare is helping hospitals build connected operations and reduce patient wait times.



Improving the Patient Experience

Take a closer look at how GE's Aventura Hospital deployment helps nurses and doctors track patients and locate equipment, significantly reducing the amount of time that an individual waits for treatment, and improving the overall patience experience.



Eureka Place

Time can be the most valuable resource in a hospital. This feature shows how GE Healthcare's AgileTrac patient tracking solution -- powered by real-time location data from RF Code -- delivers real-time data to reduce the time patients spend in waiting rooms, as well as the time that doctors and nurses spend searching for equipment.



Summerville Healthy Hands

A system for continuous monitoring of hand-washing, using data generated by RF Code technology, helps a South Carolina hospital monitor compliance with its "wash in, wash out" policy for patient rooms.



RF Code and GE in the News

See how RF Code's proximity sensing badge tags are being deployed by GE Healthcare to help ensure hand washing policy compliance and reduce infection rates in healthcare facilities.

Local hospital first to use new hand-washing technology