The Six Greatest Risks Facing IT Asset Inventory and Management — and the Single Automated Solution

From procurement, to maintenance, to retirement, the lifecycle of a single piece of IT hardware introduces uncountable opportunities for asset-tracking vulnerability. Multiplied by the thousands of devices across a company’s network expands these risks exponentially.

In their search to find the best way to track and manage computing assets, companies are finding a solution that works: automated, wire-free IT asset management systems. These systems deliver real-time asset tracking, automated alerts and updates, immediate reporting, global monitoring, easy application integration, and lifecycle management.

Here is just one example of the many risks facing today’s expanding IT networks — and the one automated and cost-effective solution that mitigates them all.

Challenge: Reduced Asset Visibility

Servers and networked storage devices spend most of their useful lives mounted in racks. These locations house the greatest collection of sensitive corporate data, and are likely to be protected by the strictest security measures. 

And yet, in spite of the best efforts of IT staff and the deployment of asset-tracking tools, like RFID and bar codes, assets are regularly unaccounted for, either due to being lost, misplaced, stolen, or misappropriated while being moved, retired, and serviced.describe the image

Without an automated asset-tracking mechanism, an asset removed from a rack one day might be misplaced for months. The opportunity for losses increases when devices are outside of a server facility for maintenance, overhauls, lease returns, data backup storage, or end-of-life disposal.

Solution: Real-Time Asset Visibility

The on- and off-network vulnerability of physical assets can be reduced or eliminated when their locations are dynamically monitored with a wire-free tracking system.

An automated asset tracking system can help provide a continuous stream of data to track and monitor assets from the day they are provisioned to the day they are retired. Moves, additions, and changes are linked to continuous data generated from each device

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