Learn how managed service providers are turning challenges into opportunities, delighting customers, and boosting profits through Sentry.

Managed service providers (MSPs) face many challenges that impact their ability to deliver reliable and secure services to their clients—particularly when it comes to on-premises IT assets in data closets and server rooms. Having to manage multiple client IT closets across a vast territory, MSPs cannot physically be in all locations to monitor critical equipment.

MSPs get paid to anticipate, prevent, or mitigate unexpected events in IT rooms. To do this consistently, MSPs need real-time intelligence and alerts when environmental conditions breach acceptable thresholds around client critical assets.

RF Code’s Sentry platform represents an innovative wire-free IoT solution that enables MSPs to deliver an enhanced level of on-prem physical monitoring services without having to be there. When packaged within its tech stack, MSPs can protect critical client equipment while also doing the same for the MSP’s bottom line. Here’s how.

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How Sentry Helps Managed Service Providers Delight Customers

The wire-free Sentry device is easy to deploy and redeploy without technical know-how. With heat, humidity, video, and a thermal imager built into the device, it is proving invaluable to MSPs who want to protect the bottom line by reducing the deployment of IT personnel in the field when certain IT situations can be diagnosed and resolved remotely. Some of the system’s key features include real-time:

  • Asset visibility. Sentry streams around-the-clock live and recorded video monitoring of remote IT facilities. MSPs now have their visibility into IT rooms.
  • Thermal monitoring. Sentry’s thermal sensor provides a heat map of the IT room and down to the specific server to monitor temperature fluctuations and pinpoint hotspots.
  • Failure tolerance. Sentry works off the network so if there is a power or network failure in the facility, Sentry continues to monitor and report on activity in the IT room.
  • Automated alerts. MSPs can set specific thresholds for temperature, humidity, and motion detection in each IT room. When a threshold is breached, Sentry sends a real-time alert with a link to view the situation with details on the Sentry dashboard.

Disruption is the number one concern among business owners. It is the number one key performance indicator that MSPs are judged against. With Sentry, MSPs can provide clients with greater peace of mind knowing their critical assets are under constant watch and safeguarded.

How MSPs Save Time and Money With Sentry

MSPs are under constant pressure to keep their fees in check or to justify the cost of their technology stack. In addition to remote IT service innovation, Sentry helps managed service providers realize significant time- and labor-cost savings. Constant real-time remote monitoring reduces the need for manual interventions.

Sentry specifically makes it easy for MSPs to provide a complete and advanced suite of service guarantees to their clients. The platform allows managed service providers to build a complete core of security and monitoring capabilities into their pricing models; factoring in potential MSP-side cost savings, the platform allows providers to offer their clients more services for lower costs.

In particular, Sentry makes sense for clients with IT assets in multiple locations separated by longer distances. Sentry functionally eliminates the need for human personnel to shuffle between sites to perform preventative actions, solving difficult logistical challenges that would accompany manual monitoring.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Sentry

For those MSPs who are forward-thinkers and want to be viewed as innovators in their space, Sentry can help MSPs gain a competitive edge. Beyond performing precision remote monitoring services, Sentry helps MSPs take preemptive—rather than reactive—approaches to IT room management. MSP clients have peace of mind knowing their critical assets are under constant watch and safeguarded with a suite of features that facilitate proactive issue resolution.

This, in turn, gives MSPs that use Sentry an elevated level of authority. Clients forge deeper trust with MSPs that offer Sentry’s advanced IT monitoring solutions—ultimately helping managed IT service providers win new clients, retain existing clients, and deliver value-added IT service innovation.

How to Get Started With Sentry

It’s easy to get started with Sentry. The plug-and-play wire-free device features a simplified setup; managed IT service providers can have their Sentry system up and running in minutes—and even junior-level personnel can install Sentry and bring it online without advanced technical skills.

Sentry has proven so effective and easy to use that some MSPs have made it a mandatory aspect of their service profile. As Troy McCawley, president of the Alabama-based MSP The BOSS Company, says...

Sentry is very much a sales piece in my company now. We want people to know that we use this technology. We think it’s good for our clients.

The BOSS Company uses Sentry throughout its fast-growing network of remote IT edge locations.

McCawley also emphasizes just how quick and easy it is to use Sentry to generate MSP operational efficiency improvements. “The Sentry device is not only affordable, but we also had it up and running in a matter of minutes with customizable alerts tailored to each location,” McCawley says.

Your Sentry Integration Guide: Deploy Sentry in Three Simple Steps

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Here’s how to get your Sentry system up and running in three easy steps:

  1. Plug your Sentry device into the network cable, or connect it to the internet using a wireless connection in the room or facility you plan to monitor.
  2. Create a personal login using the Sentry app. This will give you access to RF Code’s cloud-based platform, from which you can pair your Sentry device with the location listed on your client dashboard.
  3. Secure your edge locations by monitoring environmental conditions and activity remotely. If anything occurs that requires your attention, you’ll be notified instantly and automatically.

Get Started With RF Code’s Innovative Sentry Platform

Sentry facilitates a complete lineup of automated IT processes covering environmental monitoring, performance, and site security. It also facilitates rapid, cost-effective approaches to IT service scalability, while facilitating easy predictive IT maintenance.

Customers already using RF Code’s Sentry device give the platform rave reviews for its unique ability to functionally eliminate manual site monitoring needs. The resultant time and cost savings can be enormous.

Learn more about Sentry’s innovative solutions and advanced features. Contact RF Code today to request a live demo, or register for a free self-guided tour.