RF Code provides open, secure wire-free environmental and power monitoring and real-time IT asset tracking solutions that reduce the time and cost of discovering, tracking, and monitoring IT assets and the environments in which they’re located. These solutions are easily configured to meet the exact nature of a company’s most critical asset challenge.

Watch this Wire-Free Environmental Monitoring Animation

Used by F100 companies, large governmental agencies, leading health care institutions, among others, RF Code’s offerings are the market’s most affordable, easiest to deploy solutions. They easily integrate into a customer’s existing DCIM infrastructure, enabling data centers, IT, facilities, and building professionals, to cost-effectively leverage the information RF Code captures. Investments in this technology are typically recouped within one year.

Based on award-winning active RFID technology, solutions consist of asset tags and environmental sensors, active readers, and software that manages data tracking and monitoring. Leading strategic technology partners, including IBM, DELL, HP, and Microsoft use RF Code to enhance their own offerings.