Recently, RF Code’s CTO, Dr. Peter Vancorenland was published to Data Center Knowledge’s Industry Perspectives. The piece, titled “Real-Time Asset Management Key in Data Center Moves” highlights some of the common obstacles in a data center migration and how solutions that utilize real-time asset management can alleviate these problems. 

No matter the scope of the move, our work has shown that real-time asset management provides several benefits during this difficult activity: 

  • Reductions in time of deployment because the location of assets are always known with confidence
  • Increases in uptime as fixes can be made faster and migrations smoother
  • Greater asset utilization
  • Decrease in rates of repair as modifications to equipment are well-documented
  • Faster and more accurate audits, which frees staff for other maintenance and projects
  • Reductions in missing or stolen assets 

As Peter notes, “Ultimately, all of these advantages equate to happier customers, whose information and applications are readily available on your servers, have the confidence that you’ll be able to scale quickly with them if need be, know that their critical information is secure, and enjoy your competitive rates as your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has decreased with the use of a real-time automated asset management system.”

If you would like to learn more about the different ways that real-time asset management can benefit your data center, please reach out.

The full article can be found at Data Center Knowledge.