RF Code CEO Ed Healy to Present on IoT Analytics Panel

Join RF Code’s President and CEO Ed Healey at the University of Texas (Austin) on April 29, 2016 as he presents as a panel member on the analytics of the Internet of Things (IoT). Part of the larger Workshop on Social and Business Analytics held by the University’s McCombs School of Business, the 2016 Workshop brings together cutting edge researchers and industry professionals to present, discuss, and debate emerging themes, methods, and practices. Topics will include healthcare analytics, Internet of things and real time analytics, predictive models and metrics for unstructured data, oil and gas analytics, and consumer privacy and market for information in the era of big data.  

mccombs-logo-only-large.pngEd will discuss his views on what he considers the two phases of Industrial IoT; a new paradigm in how we gather data in a world consisting of more and more data gathering sensors. Phase One encompasses the information analysis and insights that data gathering sensors provide—a critical step as estimates range between 18 and 20 billion data points will be collected in 2018. This powerful information can play a vital role in helping businesses reduce maintenance costs, predict equipment failures, and improve operations. Phase Two takes this information and transforms it into revenue generating opportunities for enterprises--using the analyzed data to sell services more effectively.

Joining Ed on the IoT Analytics panel are Victor Sauers of TKO Energy Capital and Ramesh Sharda of Oklahoma State University.

If interested in attending the 2:45 PM panel on the 29th, you can register here