To coincide with our new eBook, 5 Ways RTOI Increases Data Center Value & Return, we have a new blog series exploring everything about the topic.

Enterprise data centers are engines of growth, providing the flexibility and horsepower needed to support cloud systems, mobile applications, big data, and the Internet of Things.

Despite the move to the cloud, these systems all depend on the data center to provide services and store the growing amounts of data created by new technologies.

Unfortunately, this mission critical value doesn’t come cheap. In an age where margins are under increasing pressure, data centers are under the microscope due to the high capital cost associated with equipment.

Many organizations can’t put hard numbers to the return on these investments. The result is millions of dollars wasted every year, simply because traditional methods of asset inventory and environmental monitoring are unable to keep up with the speed of data center change. The introduction of Real-Time Operational Intelligence (RTOI) has changed things.

data-storage-fotolia-2.jpgRTOI, as we’ve discussed previously, is when enormous amounts of data are utilized and converted into intelligent actions. This is especially useful for tasks such as capacity planning, asset lifecycle management, compliance and power and cooling efficiency.

We’ve spent the last 20 years delivering real-time awareness and hundreds of millions of dollars in recurring savings to the world’s largest and most respected organizations.

In this time, working alongside more than 50% of the Fortune 500 High Tech companies, we’ve proven 5 ways that RTOI increases data center value and returns.

Throughout this series we will be discussing the five elements of our eGuide, which includes tips on how to:

  • Increase Efficiency & Accountability
  • Reduce Cost & Increase Accuracy of Audits
  • Ensure DCIM Investment Return
  • Better Manage Data Center Expansion
  • Ensure Service Level Accountability on Colocated Assets

This series will not only define and explain each item, but also explain how to leverage each to increase data center efficiencies and return on investment.

 Next week’s post will be about how to be more efficient and accountable in the data center. Don’t want to wait? You can download the full eBook now.

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