In this final piece of our blog series built around our new eBook, 5 Ways RTOI Increases Data Center Value & Return, we take a look at how Real-Time operations intelligence helps colocation providers ensure they meet their service level commitments.

Colocation provides significant cost reduction and peace of mind benefits:

  • Scalability – Based on the growth or reduction in your business, colocation provides incredible flexibility. Instead of having to deal with changes in staffing and equipment from an unpredictable marketplace, your colo can handle the burdens as your needs dictate.
  • Security – Finding and addressing security vulnerabilities is top of mind for any data center administrator. Moving into a collocated facility allows this responsibility to be under the purview of specifically trained experts who can oversee the best of breed tools on your behalf. Like scalability, when new security solutions become available, it’s the colocation provider that purchases, installs and monitors them: cameras, alarm systems, on-site security, coded access, biometric scanners, etc.
  • Connectivity – Data must move at the speed of business. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have access to the necessary connection speeds that their customers require. Colocation can benefit them with faster networking and resilient connectivity that is budget friendly. It’s almost as easy as “plug and play.”
  • Reliability – A vital component of any business model, the reliability of your services is a differentiator between you and your competitors. Colocation data centers manage a variety of tools to help ensure that you remain online all the time: multiple power grids, generators, battery backup systems, and a 24/7 maintenance staff. Of course, if the worst happens and you do go offline, your SLA will help protect you.

datacenter-dependent-diagnose2.jpgHowever, Colocating your data center doesn’t stop the operational pressures or eliminate your fiscal responsibilities. As attractive as it may seem, you can’t simply outsource your responsibility along with your operations.

RTOI delivers continuous rack-level visibility of every data center asset to ensure a full chain of custody and maximum returns through the entire lifecycle. RTOI tracks and manages assets located in any facility, monitors environmental conditions and provides advanced warning before problems occur. It guarantees the visibility you need to ensure you meet SLAs and experience the benefits of colocation without exposing your business to any undue risk.

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