If data is the lifeblood of any 21st-century company, your servers are the heart that keeps everything up and running. Productivity can come to a crashing halt if your systems go down. It is therefore imperative you do everything you can to protect and secure your IT, especially remote IT servers. With Sentry, the latest innovation by RF Code, IT professionals, network, and facility operators can rest assured their off-site IT locations can be monitored 24/7 without having to be on-site.

For years, large and mid-sized companies have poured money into data center infrastructure. In fact, according to Gartner, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside a traditional data center or cloud by 2025. But as more and more compute moves outside the data center, remote locations that house critical IT equipment need to be secured.

These server rooms often operate on a "lights out" policy. They go unmanned and unsupervised, leading to difficulties in diagnosing and solving problems whenever they occur. Sentry aims to curb these issues with 24/7 real-time monitoring of your remote IT servers. You'll know what's happening in your IT spaces without being on-site.

Problems Facing Remote IT Environments

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RF Code surveyed IT service and data center operators seeking to pinpoint the most prominent concerns surrounding their unmanned IT locations. The research found that 31% experienced downtime or severe degradation sometime during the past year. After crunching the numbers, those outages can cost more than $2350/minute. Add the average cost of service—which, according to the Technology Service Industry Association (TSIA), equates to over $1,000—and you could be looking at thousands or even million-dollar losses preventable through proper remote IT monitoring.

Most remote IT locations go unmanned, making them susceptible to numerous hazards. Weather and environmental factors are out of your hands, yet they can cause significant damage to your remote IT centers. Other threats to your remote IT servers include:

  • Security breaches and data loss
  • Theft
  • Overheating and short-circuiting
  • Human error
  • Power outages

These issues can lead to costly downtime and, if left unchecked, can compound into more serious consequences. Without 24/7 real-time visibility, you may not detect these issues until it's too late.

RF Code CEO Dale Quayle recognized this problem saying, "Enterprises of all sizes need the ability to better secure these remote IT environments as though they're on-site, and Sentry makes it easier to prevent, mitigate, or remediate IT situations that threaten to disrupt normal business operations—from air quality and overheating to unauthorized access and other potential threats."

Thwart Risks at Unmanned Locations

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With a deep understanding of the risks facing remote server locations, the team at RF Code designed Sentry to address these issues, creating an easy-to-use, 24/7 remote IT monitoring system. John Fletcher, Lead Tech Analyst for a major US retail firm and Sentry user, believes "the Sentry device from RF Code will be an industry game-changer. It is very easy to set up and cost-effective for our team's budget."

So why is Sentry the best choice to protect your remote IT servers from costly downtime?

Critical Asset Visibility

Sentry maintains streaming and recorded video monitoring of your remote IT server rooms. You can leverage complete control and visibility of any unmanned spaces as if you were there yourself. The worst often occurs when you turn your back. Because Sentry's always watching, you can mitigate problems—whether human error or environmental—when they arise.

Thermal Monitoring

Servers run hot. Preventing them from overheating is crucial for remote IT monitoring. Sentry's thermal sensors monitor unit and room temperature, alerting you to any dangerous spikes the instant they occur. Sentry also identifies and records hotspots on the rack, showing you where and when the temperature spike occurred.

Failure-Tolerant Connection

Unexpected power outages can lead to extended downtime in your remote IT systems. Because Sentry can switch to backup battery power during such an event, you'll maintain complete visibility of your systems for up to 30 minutes. When everything else is "lights out," Sentry keeps running.

Automated Real-Time Alerts

Whenever Sentry detects an environmental threat to your remote IT servers, it sends real-time notifications. If something goes wrong, you'll know about it in the blink of an eye.

Mitigate Risk and Cost with One Unified Console

With 24/7 remote IT monitoring and real-time alerts, Sentry is the obvious solution for decentralized server security. Sentry aims to reduce the cost of maintaining your unmanned locations while providing an easy-to-use interface. With Sentry's plug-and-play design, you'll have your unit up and running in 20 minutes.

If your business doesn't need an enterprise-level system to monitor your remote IT servers, consider Sentry instead. For more information about this latest innovation, schedule a demo today and learn how Sentry can elevate your remote IT security.