Further expanding on our new eBook, 5 Ways RTOI Increases Data Center Value & Return, this next piece in the blog series takes a closer look at how real-time operational intelligence (RTOI) helps organizations ensure they get the most from their DCIM investments..

According to Gartner, DCIM tools will be deployed in over 60% of large data centers by 2017. However, any DCIM tool is only as good as the data and processes it is built upon.

With inaccurate asset registers leading to an average of 25% missing or misplaced data center assets, costly DCIM solutions simply lack the data necessary to live up to their promises of value and ROI. Simply put, asset management is one service that most DCIM solutions don’t do well, or even at all. Admittedly, it’s a complex problem. Key equipment is moved every day, devices are taken offline for maintenance, and new equipment is deployed from storage.

DCIM-Puzzle.pngSmaller data centers may be able to get away with tracking these equipment changes with manual inspections and record keeping via spreadsheets, but it’s a time consuming and labor expensive process (and if there is a discrepancy, even more time is spent trying to figure out where the record keeper went wrong). Eventually, owners and operators grow to a point where they realize this process isn’t suited for the dynamic environment of a data center……or a large enough problem occurs and change is an imperative.

This is why real-time operational intellgence (RTOI) platforms are so valuable. They combine automated inventory management, real-time asset tracking, and wire-free monitoring to deliver a visible chain of custody on every data center asset across its entire lifecycle. With this information in hand, data center managers can accurately calculate and reduce the total cost of ownership of their facilities. It’s a service that goes beyond standalone DCIM products.

Whether equipment is on the loading dock, deployed and operational, in transit, or hidden in storage, RTOI solutions give you complete visibility into your assets, making them the cornerstone of any successful DCIM implementation.

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