Often our customers and colleagues in the industry come to us with stories that they wouldn’t want their management or the public hearing about. In this blog series we discuss these experiences and how they could be solved - with all names and confidential information kept a secret of course!

Our last confession was about an organisation that didn’t know about what was sitting idle in its data center but this story is about knowing of an issue and sitting idle…

rising-waters-businessman.jpgThe company in question had suffered some minor water leaks - nothing that had caused too much damage - but management was concerned about the potential for a catastrophic water leak.

After all, the data center was housed in an old building with plumbing infrastructure that wasn’t up to scratch so the likelihood of a larger, more disastrous leak was high.

Rather than drown in inaction, the data center operator was tasked with finding a solution that could monitor and instantly notify them in the event of a leak. This was to ensure that even if a leak occurred out of hours, the problem could be dealt with promptly to avoid downtime and further costly damage.

Drip, drip, drip… Splash!

Extensive research followed, but the project lead just couldn’t come to a decision and kept delaying and delaying until one day…

The worst happened. One weekend, when nobody was around to monitor the situation, the data center suffered a leak. A big leak. A leak that caused downtime, destroyed assets and resulted in lost customers. A leak that could have been avoided if the project lead had made a decision and deployed a solution.

Not surprisingly, the project lead lost his job for failing to get a solution in place in time.

If they’d installed RF Code’s environmental monitoring solution the disaster would have been prevented and management would have been alerted to the issue long before the drip became a flood!

Avoid the same fate with the help of RF Code’s environmental monitoring solution.