Often our customers and colleagues in the industry come to us with stories that they wouldn’t want their management or the public hearing about. In this blog series we discuss these experiences and how they could be solved - with all names and confidential information kept a secret of course.

We have another confession from an outside source. A data center burning down is probably one of the more dramatic scenarios of data center asset loss but what about the unknown? What about the assets lurking in the data center waiting to jump out when you least expect it?

We were told about a company that had a rapidly growing data center operation and was in need of additional visibility into its facilities. Its current set-up provided little visibility into existing asset inventories and with unparalleled customer demand, the company needed a comprehensive view of every asset it owned, including hardware in storage.

warehouse-cart.jpgIt rolled out an asset management solution to track its hardware but in doing so came to the horrible realization that it had millions of dollars worth of servers and enterprise IT assets in storage that had never been unboxed!

These assets had been sitting idle, never deployed or utilized. And what’s worse, many had been in storage for over 24 months, meaning they had depreciated by between 20-40% without having delivered any value at all!

Imagine the joy of finding a ton of servers you never knew you had only to discover they had been costing you the entire time. If the company had employed an asset management solution sooner they would have known from the moment the assets were brought to the data center. They wouldn’t have been stuck in storage gathering dust (and racking up costs) for two years. 

With complete visibility of all assets, even those in storage, data center managers can ensure they are being utilized to their full potential.

If the company was to deploy RF Code’s asset management solution, even if an asset is moved from one facility to another it can still be tracked, even when it’s sat in the loading bay.

Find out more about RF Code’s asset management monitoring solution here. Better still, avoid the upfront costs by switching to RF Code’s subscription based model.

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